Residential District Leipzig-Gohlis: Pilot Projects of Post-fossil Fuel Urbanism

A new residential neighbourhood with around 1,200 apartments will be built on 20 hectares of the Leipzig-Gohlis train barracks and Soviet army engine plant grounds. In urban planning and design, the fundamental question is what opportunities are available for urban living when conditions for the car friendly city lose their validity. 

Designs will be held in collaboration with the following partners:
- The chair of urban planning and design, Beuth-Hochschule Berlin
- Urban and transport planning authorities, Leipzig
- Division of E-Mobility and Car-Sharing, automobile manufacturer BMW  

Guest Critics:
Philipp Latinak, architect, DB Station and Service AG, Berlin
Torben Heinemann, architect and traffic planner, Head of General Planning, Leipzig
Vincent Dilcher, architect and urban planner, UmbauStadt, Weimar
Michael Rudolph, architect, STATION C23, Leipzig Workshop Wohnquartier Leipzig-Gohlis

Workshop Residential District Leipzig-Gohlis

Within the framework of the design project, we’ve invited bloggers, scientists and representatives of local initiatives to give lectures in order to bring in their expertise and local knowledge of the design and to build a comprehensive perception of the situation in Leipzig. Their positions will come together in the form of a workshop, which will take place during our three-day excursion to Leipzig.

Excursion and visit to the site on 22.-24. April 2015

Foto: Sophie Weber, 2015.
Foto: Ria Roberg, 2015.
Foto: Ria Roberg, 2015.

Selected final projects

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  • von Luana Fernandes, Cornelius Hutfless, Leopold Jaegerhuber

  • von Johannes Dörfer, Fabian Ellguth & Sandro Jenzer

  • von Tillmann Gebauer, Hikari Masuyama & Kamila Szewczyk