Published: 16 August 2021

2nd Prize in VR/AR Learning Competition!

Our VR-based Framework for User-Centered Architecture has been awarded in the 2021 AVRiL-Competition.

With our VR-based Framework for user-centered evaluation of buildings (VREVAL) we gained 2nd prize in the 2021 competition of the AR/VR Learning workgroup of the Gesellschaft für Informatik e.V. (GI).



The Team behind VREVAL.

The jury has commented: "The Virtual Reality for a User-Centered Architecture competition entry presents a VR application that has been used for several years to integrate user studies into the design education of architecture students. This application, described as an ideal use of VR, allows digital building models to be imported, which are then experienced as VR models and evaluated using complementary in-VR survey modules and in-VR feedback modules. The creative integration of feedback, for example through paths of the walk-through, in the classic 3D visualization of buildings was praised by the reviewers.  It was emphasized that the "feedback-based exploration" is not limited to buildings as evaluation objects, but could also be used in training worlds and computer games, for example, especially the feedback modules for wayfinding, questionnaires and pointing. Although the entry is not a classic VR learning application, but rather used as a tool in project-based training, the reviewers and the jury were convinced by the idea, the resilient implementation and the high maturity documented by many years of use in teaching."

See the competition website for further details: Wettbewerb „AVRiL 2021 – Gelungene VR/AR-Lernszenarien“

Further information can be found on the project websites OpenVREVAL and Virtual Reality for User-Centered Train Stations and on our teaching platform OTP under Design Studio Results.