Media Studies (B.A. & M.A.)

“Media foster perception and accompanie all that we do. Media produce and disseminate knowledge. Media are an active participant in society and culture. Together with our students, we scientifically examine the various roles of the media and always look forward to benefiting from our students’ experience, insights and arguments. We invite you to join us and receive professional training at one of the leading institutions of research and study. The Bauhaus Experiment!”    

(Director of the degree programme in Media Studies)

The degree programme Media Studies offers the following courses:


The science of Media Studies develops historical and theoretical models that consider and describe aesthetic, societal, and technological change as a cultural event and a process of generating meaning. It thus accompanies the diverse media processes through instruction and research and fosters the historical and theoretical ability to assess media. With the aid of its descriptions and diagnoses, it influences the discourse on media and their design.

Instruction in Media Studies promotes the acquisition of media proficiency as an important culture technique. In this process, media culture also explores the influence of media, as an epistemological means, on historical and theoretical knowledge itself.

In the context of cultural science, the arts, and humanities, media science and research in Media Studies are expanding into a fundamental branch of knowledge. It is important to consider the practical consequences of Media Art and Design and especially to address issues of Media Management.

The technical, political or economic organization of media can now longer be viewed within the confines of national borders. Not only data and information circulate around the globe, popular and trivial culture in its many forms does too. As a result, future graduates will need to acquire extensive inter-cultural competencies. For this reason, the Media Studies programme has an international, and particularly European, orientation. In addition to the exchange system with foreign partner institutions as part of the Socrates Program, an integrated German-French programme of study, “European Media Culture”, is carried out in cooperation with the University of Lyon.

Instruction in media culture addresses the following areas: fundamentals of media science (media theory, media history), media philosophy, history and theory of artificial worlds, history and theory of culture techniques, history and theory of visual media, European media culture, sociology of media, media management, fine arts, design, and architecture. Practical work in media design is also an integral part of studies.

Fields of teaching

  • Basics in Media Studies
  • Media Philosophy
  • Theory of Media Worlds
  • History and Theory of Cultural Technolgoies
  • Visual Media
  • Media Sociology
  • European Media Culture
  • Media Management
  • Marketing and Media
  • Media Economics
  • International Management and Media