We offer a range of courses (in German) for the engineering Bachelor degrees within the faculty of civil engineering, includung

  • Mathematik I (Lineare Algebra)
  • Mathematik II (Analysis, Differentialgleichungen)
  • Mathematik III (Stochastik)

as well as courses for computer science courses of the Media Studies department, including 

  • Lineare Algebra
  • Analysis
  • Numerik

(all in German).

In addition to these Bachelor level courses, we offer compulsory and elective courses directed at several Master degrees, including

  • Höhere Mathematik
  • Mathematik/Statistik
  • Complex Dynamics
  • Mathematics of Data Science
  • Applied Mathematics and Stochastics 
  • Structural parameter survey and evaluation
  • Statistics

Several of these courses are taught in English.

Details can be found in the course directory, the current course (module) handbooks, and of course on the respective Moodle sites.