The academic focus of the Fine Art programme is to develop and foster authentic and professional artistic individuality. The curriculum is based on the examination of contemporary issues and lines of discourse, relevant artistic media and artistic strategies. The professors and teaching staff intensively consult with students throughout their studies. Personal mentoring and critiquing play an increasingly significant role as the programme progresses.

» To the Professors and the artistic staff

The degree programme Fine Art offers the following courses:

Standard duration of programme Deadline for application Application
9 Semesters 31 March How to apply

Artistic Practice
The instruction of Fine Art takes place in experimental and conceptual projects, studio projects, individual consultation, independent study projects, specialist courses, workshops and excursions. In the first semester, all the professors and teaching staff in the Fine Art department offer theme-based workshops which introduce the content and artistic working methods of instruction in the area of Fine Art. Throughout the entire programme, students gain comprehensive artistic and technical expertise in excellently equipped workshops, managed by highly qualified workshop supervisors and teams.

The Faculty of Art and Design offers Fine Art courses in the following areas:

  • Experimental Painting and Drawing
  • Photography as a Medium of the Fine Arts
  • Object Art/Sculpture/Installation
  • Video, Media Art, New Media
  • Installations
  • Performance
  • Art and Social Terrain
  • Concept Art
  • Securing Evidence
  • Recycling
  • Contextual Works in Public Space
  • New Artistic Strategies

The practical work is accompanied by theoretical examination and discussion provided by the Faculty‘s scientific departments and guest lectures. The interdisciplinary interweave with other degree programmes allows for a more in13 Faculty of Art and Design depth study of Fine Art. Thanks to international contacts with partner universities, students have the opportunity to study abroad for one to two semesters.

Exhibitions and networks
Another distinctive feature of the Fine Art programme is its focus on professionalization and artistic positioning in art operation systems and networks. Instruction is supplemented by lectures given by international artists and gallerists, work and gallerist discussions, as well as guest lectures on arthistorical, aesthetic-theoretical and art-market themes. The professors in the Fine Art department develop and supervise projects and exhibitions together with students in Germany and abroad. Following the standard period of study of nine semesters, the Fine Art programme concludes with the conferral of a »diploma« (Diplom).

The Fine Art degree programme is taught by the following professors:
Prof. Liz Bachhuber
Prof. Elfi Fröhlich
Prof. Norbert Hinterberger
Prof. Barbara Nemitz

Standard duration of programme Deadline for application Application
4 Semesters 31 March How to apply

The Faculty of Art and Design at the Bauhaus-Universität Weimar established the English-language, postgraduate M. F. A. degree programme in »Public Art and New Artistic Strategies« in the winter semester 2001/02. As the first and only master‘s degree programme of its kind in Germany, it prepares fine arts students for working in the public sphere and provides them with the skills required for effective artistic intervention.

This degree programme is targeted at international students and was established with start-up capital provided by the German Academic Exchange Service (DAAD). Students from around the world participate in this MFA programme, and German students benefit from the vast network of international partner universities where they can study for one or two semesters abroad. Enrolment in this degree programme is limited to 40 students. Foreign students spend four semesters studying in Weimar, while German students are required to study abroad for at least one semester. New students are only permitted to enrol in the winter semester.

The following four areas are crucial to artistic work in public space and are investigated in depth during this four-semester degree programme:

  • Art and Commemoration
  • Fine Arts and Architecture
  • Temporary Interventions
  • New Artistic Strategies

    The artistic and theoretical examination of these thematic areas takes place in »real projects«, i.e. context-related works are developed and installed in public space in cooperation with various partners. The ideas for artistic intervention in public space originate from the students‘ artistic approaches and entail independent development of an individual work. The forms of interventions include temporary installations, sculptures, actions and performances. Digital media has expanded the scope of public space to include virtual environments. The works frequently make reference to current political, cultural and social issues, as well as the status of public art. In addition to theoretically examining individual positions, the term »public« is also a central research topic. The programme also emphasizes other themes, such as integrating the fine arts into architecture and landscapes, investigating the culture of commemoration, the function of memorials and role of monuments in public space. The discussion also focuses on aspects of globalism, urbanism and migration.

    The »Master of Fine Arts« degree is a second-level professional qualification. The master‘s examination is comprised of a final exhibition, an oral and written examination (master‘s thesis and presentation).

    This degree programme is taught by professor: Danica Dakić.