Published: 09 October 2020

Seminar 2.0

The second seminar of ECL-AA on “Guiding Rapid Urbanization – Seminar 2.0” was held in October 2020, following the first seminar which took place in 2018



Seminar Poster

Ethiopia, as one of the least urbanized nation, which is going through rapid urbanization processes, is at a crossroad. Guiding Rapid Urbanization – Seminar 2.0 organized by Emerging City Lab – Addis Ababa (with its partners) continued to explore the potentials and challenges of the emerging cities as a platform for training and trade diversification; as a systematic processes of sustainable job creation; and as a collaborative project which demands participatory decision making processes.

The seminar further deliberated on finding models in guiding the rapid rural-urban transformation in Ethiopia, taking the topic of Integrated Planning Strategies around three key interrelated coordinates of inquiry: Technology, Participation and Simulation.

Panel discussion with audience
Seminar room Addis linked to Seminar room Weimar through online systems
panelists and audiences
Participants who attended the seminar physically in Addis, at the end of the session.