Design Project

Space Hub Erfurt - The City at the Train’s Hourly Intervals

In 2017, a new ICE-junction will be added to the railway network in Erfurt central station, turning Erfurt into a metropolis. Reaching Munich and Frankfurt in two and a half hours, Berlin in one hundred minutes; trains will depart hourly. Upon the 2020 completion of a tunnel between Denmark and Germany, it will be possible to travel with a direct train from Stockholm to Naples – with a stop over in Erfurt. How could this possibly be outdone? By connecting a perfect long-distance transport with visions of ideal local public transit.

How would the city change, if car traffic decreased by 50% and saw a 50% increase of tram, bicycle and pedestrian traffic? How will urban space be affected, and what changes will be seen in the neighbourhoods surrounding the train station? In our urban design project, we will investigate potential opportunities, which arise as new forms of mobility develop for life in the city. 

This design project is the second part of a three-semester long tri-city project, in which we deal with areas around train stations in Weimar, Erfurt and Jena.

Insights into the current semester - VISIONS

Hannes Heitmüller, Jannik Noeske, Anna Schlundt