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Finally, I worked out a scheme for the luggagrack that would allow individual repetition and simple assembly of the pieces. Via waterjet cutting and bending it is possible to achieve a lightweight sheetmaterial solution for the cantilever board-modules.


Based on the results of my previous work on the swing, my goal was now to derive a static principle from the calculated structures and to abstract the result as much as possible. The wooden version of the swing is the result of these reflections. This is the load principle that I derived from the…


I 3D printed my model in its actual size. Afterwards I filled in the hollow structure with a synthetic wax to make it a solid object. Now I could actually sit on my 3D printed swing!


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Avalanche shovels build together with an avalanche transceiver and a collapsible probe the standard safety equipment for backcountry skiers and skimountaineers. In case of an emergency they are used to dig down fast to any buried victims. Because avalanches can be very dense and hard like concrete, these shovels need to withstand high forces and…