Nicht's leichter als das!

Author: Luzie Deubel

Bildschirmfoto 2017-05-05 um 15.24.49

Finally, I worked out a scheme for the luggagrack that would allow individual repetition and simple assembly of the pieces. Via waterjet cutting and bending it is possible to achieve a lightweight sheetmaterial solution for the cantilever board-modules.


After my first experiences with deep-drawing the 3D-printed structures, I decided to design a few more variations for either spline- or hollow structures.

We ended up building three different structures in total, the third being kind of a mix between the diamond-shape first and the organically grown second one. While our first attempt was more like a hands-on-solution, we tried to use the results of our SKO-calculations in a second attempt. The (more or less) final structure could be seen as a result of our findings from the previous experiments and also meets our self-set standards of not using a second fixation and still managing the torsional forces over long distance.


Today we’ve tried a more detailed 3D-calculation in addition to the one made in 2D. Now we get a better impression for the construction which was suggested by the SKO-solver. Compared to the organic look from the first calculation, it’s now possible to see more detailed braces of the connections.