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SKO is only one of many generative design methods. I see the method, as well as the CAD program as a tool, which allows me to produce products with a certain added value. The appeal to the use of SKO, CAD programs and the 3D printer lies in the fact that it is no longer…


In the process of developing the structure for the drumpad, I decided to experiment with a carrier inside the cover. I wanted to calibrate the inner sensors and find a sturdy structure with the help of a first model. My aim was to test out the calculated solution and integrate this structure into the form…


To evolve the tetrahedral kite, we had the idea to cut off the outlines of the tetrahedral structure and think about an optimized inner structure instead. After we had rebuild the original kite we wanted to see how the use of the 3d printer would affect the result concerning weight and materiality.


The square involved the potential to rethink its archtypical cross-structure and to explore if we could find any possible optimization concerning the handling of the kite.


To get as much results and variation as possible we decided to split the topic into three objects of interest: The archetypical square kite, the so called delta kite and Bell’s tetrahedral kite.


The idea for optimisation of the drumpad is to integrate the carrier of the pads into the cover. This is why there needs to be a structure, as a part of the cover, which balances stability and mass.

Der Entschluss, eine Software zur Topologieoptimierung zu benutzen, soll an dieser Stelle bereits als Designentscheidung verstanden werden. So kann vorurteilsfrei auf einem funktional unterfütterten Grundgedanken aufgebaut werden. Die Wahl des Bauraumes und die damit verbundenen Positionierung und Dimensionierung von Lasten bzw. Fixierungen haben einen großen Gestaltungsspielraum. Es ist dem Benutzer freigestellt, wie grob oder fein…

In the second short term project I looked closer into the subject, how the bike carrier could be further improved. The carrier should be fixed on the head tube, so the weight won’t get out of balance while steering. The first results of the 2d calculations and more 3d calculations inspired me to do the…