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Category: From A to B

We ended up building three different structures in total, the third being kind of a mix between the diamond-shape first and the organically grown second one. While our first attempt was more like a hands-on-solution, we tried to use the results of our SKO-calculations in a second attempt. The (more or less) final structure could be seen as a result of our findings from the previous experiments and also meets our self-set standards of not using a second fixation and still managing the torsional forces over long distance.


This top view calculation in 2d is really enlightening for us as it shows that the construction of the bridge model has to hold itself by building a ring coming from two sides of the obstacle frames.


Today we’ve tried a more detailed 3D-calculation in addition to the one made in 2D. Now we get a better impression for the construction which was suggested by the SKO-solver. Compared to the organic look from the first calculation, it’s now possible to see more detailed braces of the connections.

After multiple calculations in CAD (Rhino/Grasshopper) is this construction the outcome. We don’t know if we are going to copy the entire construction when we are building it in wood. Perhaps we don’t going the construct the upper bow at the beginning of the lowest fixation point. We think that this bow is only useful if the construction is made out one piece and not out of multiple wooden sticks.