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Volleyball knee pad

Jana und theresa13573

The Development of knee pads for Volleyball players was part of my last 4 weeks in this project.

As a passionate volleyball player myself, I’ve had a huge interest and backround knowledge in this field, and had been all along unsatisfied with the existing offer of knee pads. Concerning the size, color and especially the aeration of my previos knee pads, I decided to face this problems in the context of our work with the SKO method.

My first calculations were already close to my final design and surprisingly clear.


Bildschirmfoto 2017-01-29 um 19.49.26

After that, I had to find out the best way to transform my computerbased form into a real product.

Even though I could have been working with new materials and 3D printing, I decided to use the common material for volleyball knee pads, which is sort of a semi-hard foam and to sew the cover with elastic fabric.

The first tests an impressions from my team were constantly pretty positive.