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luggage rack: first explorations


for my second short-term project, i decided to improve the luggage racks, common on public trains or buses for long-distance-rides. In my first calculations i reviewed the whole entity of the shelf and its carriers, to get an idea of the meta-structure.



As i already got an idea of how the overall figure could look like, i wanted to go further into detail and calculate the board and the carriers each on their own.
for the carirrers, the calculations depending on the first results came very close to known carrierstructures


that being recognized, i focused on the shelf-part of the rack, where i seek to develop a supporting structure to the shelf that could lead to materialefficiency either via the use of a net-like structure, or through a spline-structure in a very thin laminar platter.
the first 3D-calculations showed a very subtle recognization of a cross in the middle of the structure, whereas this seemed to define even more into the further calculations.



using a 3D-print and the method of deep-drawing i came up with my first prototype, to be followed by a few other variations.