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luggage rack: a fresh start


I wanted to get further into my luggage rack project, because i felt like giving away a lot of potential that was still to be proceeded after the first two weeks. After a few further calculations which led into the initial direction of a cross or letter like structure (see below), i wanted to change my observations from an earlier stage on.


i came across the idea of changing the adopted grid of fixations from an orthoganal arangement to an intersected one. As i supposed, the calculations led to a triangular shaped structure, which is very easily systematizable for a flexible arrangement in the train. Plus, using the diagonal arrangement leads to a more space-saving solution regarding the depth of the shelf.
In the next step i am going to calculate the attatchment, a.k.a. cantilever, and set a few higher resolution calculations for the triangular modules to come up with a specific design.