Nicht's leichter als das!

swing post 1

I chose the second object im optimizing during this project according to specific goals and motivations. First, I was curious to explore and rethink an archetypical object, which should also be a product which I personally relate to. Second, I wanted to be able to control the calculation and design process so the complexity was supposed to be fitting my skills regarding the programms, while keeping it challenging at the same time. These parameters followed my strong wish to build the object in its original scale, which I set as my final goal for this period.


Through these 2d calculations, I got a feeling for the different possibilities according the workspace and different loadcases.


After some 3d calculations I chose this result because I found it to be the most interesting one.


After turning the output of the 3d calc into a line drawing I added some extra lines to make the seating space wider. Having done that I will now make a 3d model out of it by using rhino so I can 3d print it in the following days.

Bildschirmfoto 2016-11-21 um 21.48.46

Here I turned the line drawing into an actual 3d model. Now i could 3D print it.