Nicht's leichter als das!

square kite

The square involved the potential to rethink its archtypical cross-structure and to explore if we could find any possible optimization concerning the handling of the kite.

The first idea was to build a prototyping kit, so everybody could build any kite-structure using 3d printed connectors and straws. To experiment,we used a special skript that produces “ready to print” connectors on the crossing points of any line structure in rhino.


Secondly we had the idea to increase the steadiness of the kite in the air at different times during the flight.
To do so we thought about creating a flixible structure that would flip the kite over as soon as a certain degree of wind pressure would be reached. This should cause the wind to push the kite up from the ground by focussing on the concave middle part of the kite. As the structure would flip, the concave part would disappear and turn into a bowl like form, so the wind can flow around the outlines of the kite an keep it up in the air steadily.