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File:SBF Workshop04.jpg|Lecture Francis
File:SBF Workshop04.jpg|Lecture Francis
File:SBF Workshop02.jpg|Presentation David
File:SBF Workshop02.jpg|Presentation Büro
File:SBF Workshop03.jpg|Presentation
File:SBF Workshop03.jpg|David
File:SBF Workshop14.jpg|Lecture Lisa
File:SBF Workshop14.jpg|Lecture Lisa
File:SBF Workshop05.jpg|Concrete in daylight
File:SBF Workshop05.jpg|Concrete in daylight

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Space to share information, links etc. for the Satellite/Border/Footprint Workshop by Lisa Parks at the HMKV, organized by Francis Hunger




Satellite information

  • Space Is The Place A class by Max Neupert in the winter semester 2009
  • Space linklist a list of space related links, artists, astronomy and satellite tracking
  • Weather resources, forecasts, cloud satellite images and rain maps, not only for astronomy.
  • GPS mapping websites, cartography and GPS[[GPS|Global Positioning System]] artworks
  • Suppliers#Electric and electronic parts consult this page if you want to buy electronics like GPS[[GPS|Global Positioning System]] receivers/loggers
  • lyngsat.com great resource about all satellites and their footprints
  • satbeams.com
  • Michael Paulkner Infographic: satellites and their owners
  • vizworld collection of graphic visualizations about satellite technology
  • Satellites: A user manual Beautiful infomercials by agency ThisIsRealArt for Astra-SES.
  • www.satsignal.net Huge collection of information about satellites and signals. Codes, decoding, software, mapping. Some of the software is commercial.

Representation from orbital perspective

Satellite dishes

Satellite dish in Weimar

Satellite tracking

See Satellite tracking.

Balloon Information

  • 1337arts.com Project Ikarus – low cost near space remote technology
  • University of Wyoming’s balloon trajectory website Predict your balloon flight in google earth related to your geo-coordinates
  • telegraph.co.uk Article in the online edition of newspaper The Telegraph (UK1. Universitätskommunikation – a service of the university taking care of public relations 2. United Kingdom): Teens capture images of space with 56 pounds camera and a balloon
  • Hobbyspace.com Near Space exploring with balloons on hobbyspace.com – a resource for amateur space action
  • Away 5 – Advanced Balloon Platform

Artworks and artists

See Space Art for a list of artists who deal with satellites and/or outer space in their practice. A compilation of artists and literature about locative artworks is filed as GPS.

Books, readers


SBF Workshop13.jpg
  • More pictures of the walk to the Florian tower and of the presentations by Gabriel