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This Mediawiki installation was originally set up by Michael Markert in 2008. It was intended as an easy and instant way to share and collaborate on the course content for the chair Gestaltung medialer Umgebungen. It replaced a phpcms installation which was running on a private domain not affiliated to the university. Until 2010 the chairs Elektroakustische Komposition und Klanggestaltung, Experimentelles Radio, Experimentelle Television, Gestaltung medialer Umgebungen, Interface Design, Medien-Ereignisse and Moden und öffentliche Erscheinungsbilder as well as the Photography Lab had joined the wiki. Since the new setup in 2009-11-11 exactly 135,257 edits were made on the content.

This wiki is a unique and open platform where we accumulate the common knowledge of staff and students alike, preserving it for future generations at the Bauhaus-Universität and beyond. This becomes more and more crucial since Bachelors and Masters have less time to pass on their knowledge to younger students and faculty staff is hired on a short term basis. Redundant class preparation of similar or identical content in reoccurring subjects like Processing, Arduino and Pure Data can be avoided, freeing time for innovation and research. We like to share and reuse content among classes, chairs and faculty.

Content which is of outstanding quality and up-to-date is the only reason why our sites become relevant for our visitors and highly ranked in search engines. This attraction is achievable with the communal effort of many eyes and editors among the faculty. We like to attract as many users as possible. This includes possible future students, our fellow professionals in the artistic and scientific community and the interested public alike.

The wiki allows quick content editing, so mistakes can be corrected and information can be kept up-to-date very easy and efficiently. The participatory approach to the website makes the students involved and emancipated, we believe that this trust in the abilities and responsibility of our students strengthens their bonds with the institution. We hope that this experience of the students will encourage and empower them to contribute to the world wide wikipedia project too, of which we use the same server software: MediaWiki.

The username/password for this wiki is not connected to the official university login. It stays valid after graduation and we encourage alumni to keep engaged with their community and content.

The wiki is not a highly selective presentation of the finest results by our students and the most innovative research, but it is a grassroots initiative to complement the carefully edited Typo3 CMS of the university website.

See Special:Version for the technical aspects of this MediaWiki installation.