Smiley dish in Altenburg

Exporting, making Tiles

<display_points service="openlayers" layers="osm-mapnik,osmarender,osm-cyclemap,osm-oepnv,bing"> 50.975714,11.330031|Hörsaal|Marienstraße 13 </display_points> Openstreetmap of Weimar with different rendering options (Mapnik, Osmarenderer, Cyclemap, ÖPNV)



  1. display_map:

50.977169, 11.328642 | service=yahoomaps | zoom=13 }} Example:Yahoo Maps


visualizing and sharing tracks

  • SportyPal online platform for your running tracks
  • GPSies sharing tracks online (Google Maps bases)
  • EveryTrail sharing tracks online (Google Maps bases)
  • TrailRunner OSOperating System – for instance Apple's OS X stands for the tenth version of the OS X software to analyze gps tracks in sports

file format conversion

geolocating photos

mapping software for OSM[[Mapping|Open Street Map]] a free and open map source

  • GPSBabel converts waypoints, tracks, and routes between popular GPS[[GPS|Global Positioning System]] receivers and mapping programs
  • JOSM Java Open Street Map Editor

mapping on Android


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