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Electric and electronic parts

Arduinos and shields

See Arduino Links for tutorials and how-tos.

  • Hübner Elektronik Erfurt (online store only.)
  • watterott Arduino stuff, german SparkFun distributor.
  • exp-tech Arduino boards, shields, sensors, motors, - very similar to Watterott.
  • bausteln Arduinos and more
  • - electronics supplier and mailorder Berlin, sells Arduinos
  • TinkerSoup - Berlin based electronic kitchen
  • - bulgarian manufacturer of PCB. Sells the OpenEEG and different Arduinos.
  • adafruit industries - all sorts of Arduino things, kits and accessories
  • - The #1 US-Store for Arduino and related electronics
  • Marc Boon - RFIDRadio-Frequency Identification Shield for the Arduino
  • - online store for electronics and stuff published in make magazine
  • - battery packs and other nice shields for the Arduino
  • XBoard V2 An Arduino Board with built in Ethernet Interface
  • NKC electronics: Seeduino and Arduino - They claim to have the largest selection on Arduino related Products. USA
  • Seeduinos (Arduinos with on-board processors instead of ones in sockets). From China.
  • Extended Arduino compatible board
  • asynclabs WiShield & Antenna (WiFi communication)
  • ZIGBee 2.4 GHZ Funkmodul für Point-to-Point oder Mash-Netzwerke
  • Solenoid shield
  • distributor for microcontroller boards. Thailand

(Consumer) electronics


Computers and information technology

Harddrives, Media and Memory


Mechanical and electromechanical parts

Motors and robotic parts

  • - Sensors, Motors...
  • robotshop (Canada)
  • - robotics & SMAs
  • - motors...
  • - robotic, visions systems, grippers
  • technobots - UK1. Universitätskommunikation – a service of the university taking care of public relations 2. United Kingdom mailorder (but quick)
  • - high precision motors
  • faulhaber - micromotors
  • amazing one - really amazing webshop
  • nanotec - stepper motors and great motor controls (Don't order there if you need it quick. Beware! They were adding the shipping later to the bill, so you might end up paying in advance and still getting a seperate bill for the shipping)
  • YourDuino Motors, Sensors and other accessories useful to build robots. Ships from China - expect 3 weeks for standard shipping.



  • Mädler gears, cogwheels, worm drives




  • Ilm-Pack, cheap, they have many different types of corrugated board
  • Planquadrat, good selection of commonly used cardboard types




Polymorph plastics

Shape memory alloys


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