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Idea Smoke Costume King Ubu

Idea 1:

  • Fog produced by an ultra sound fog machine
  • Fog gets then distributed via tubes
  • an advantage is that those devices are very cheap
  • the disadvantage is that they only create a myst like fog



Idea 2:

  • Fog created by dry ice
  • also fairly cheap
  • without a pressure driven distribution system fog would also be myst like


Distributed Fog-Machines

Instead of distributing smoke through tubes and pipes through a costume, one could distribute the fog machines. So the smoke/fog is where it is needed.

Since E-Cigarettes work with the same principle as fog machines, they are an option for small, low-cost and low-power-consuming fog machines. Furthermore E-Cigarettes are small enough to put them nearly everywhere inside (and outside) of a costume.

In contrast to fog machines, E-Cigarettes have the advantage that they are cheap. Simple versions start at 20€; therefore, plenty of them could take placed instead of one fog machine

Functionality of an E-Cigarette

To spread the smoke small pumps can be used (something like this).

If it is needed to transport the fog over small distances, shrinkable sleeves may be a good possibility. They are flexible and sew-able. And since they are shrinkable they can easily be used to drain off the transition from the pump.

Shrinkable sleeves sewed to a cloth
Shrinkable sleeves sewed to a cloth

Smoke-Costume for KönigUbu

My recherche was more technical and include two versions for the smoke costume.

Option 1 – Long tube
– Connect a drain tube (diameter 40 -50cm ) to a normal fog machine
– Tube holds a certain amount of time the heat when fog ejection from
– From a long tube transparent tube up under the dress (back)
– On the back of a distributor with several small tubes that go into all the regions of the costume
– From the tubes then the smoke comes out distributed

Option 2 – small fog machine
– Set includes 12-volt battery, charging adapter , Nebelfulid and Transport Case
– The battery is charged via the included charging adapter ( charge indicator )
– Suitable for all water-based fog liquid
Discharge volume : 8,5 m³ / min.
Fuel tank capacity: 0.11 l
Dimensions ( WxDxH): 227 x 66 x 81 mm
Weight: 2.7 kg
Fog Duration: 60 s
Output distance : 2.5 m
Reheating time : 120 s
Warm-up Time : 7 min

– Fog machine needs warm up time
– Strong heat development
– Large current: 230V, 700Watt ( a very small ) = 4.34 A
– Heating elements need a lot of power ( battery would be after a short time (10 – 20min) empty.
– Fog transformer required for the AC voltage supplied from battery comes only DC
– Tiny Fogger costs from € 700 upwards

Introduction to Smoke and Fog Machines

Different Kinds of Smoke:

1: Fog:

Composed of Glycol/ Water Mixtures (Flog Fluid) into a heat exchanger, Is heated until the fluid is vaporized.
Fog Machine

2: Carbon Dioxide and Dry Ice:

This is used with the combination with Fog Machine. CO2 will dense the fog.

Dry Ice can also produce Fog, by adding Hot water on to Dry Ice. Dry Ice can be used with Fog Machine too.
Fog Machine + Dry Ice Container = Output.

3: Nitrogen:

Machine Heating water in container + pure Nitrogen = Output it.

Fog Machines: 

1: Tiny Fog Machine:

This tiny fogger can be used in different parts of body without actor being annoyed with.

Screen Shot 2014-04-24 at 06.25.28


Video Here.

2: Micro Fog machine:

Micro Fogger
Micro Fogger

See Video

3: Other Solutions:

Mobile Fogger
Mobile Fogger


Tiny Fogger can be placed in different parts of the King Ubu and later can be controlled by remote control to produce fogs.

Mobile Fogger which is a big fogger machine can be fixed at one central location of the body and then distribute the fog to different regions of body by pipes (flexible and light) and it can be controlled by remote control.