Our costumes

In this area, the teams of our student project are presenting their costumes. They document how they developed their ideas from the creative process to the functioning prototypes.

The whole group decided to work on costumes for characters that are taken from one story. The story we’ve finally chosen is Twenty Thousand Leagues Under the Sea by Jules Verne.

Team WISEHA (Wiebke, Sebastian & Hasibullah) wants to focus on the captain that lives under the sea, his name is Nemo. He is at the same time a scientist & a leader. See the related work here.

Team HEMASU (Henriette, Marco & Susann) works on a costume for the crew. But instead of developing a kind of  uniform they decided to build a diving suit, something that can be worn by everyone of the crew. See the related work here.

Team DIMATH (Dilek, Malik & Theresa) is interested in the creatures that live in the deep sea. They are building an octopus costume that enables the actor to move more than two arms. See the related work here.

Preview of the final costumes: 

interactive_costumes_02 interactive_costumes_01 interactive_costumes_04 interactive_costumes_03 interactive_costumes_05 interactive_costumes_06