The team

Dilek I am Media Artist. It is great chance to collaborate with Computer Scientists to create a work together, designing the character, explore the materials, function of mechanism and programming language.
Hi, I like cooking, eating, sleeping, laughing and reading. I’m pretty curious about working with designers and the process of designing stuff. Furthermore, I’m sure we will build something the world hasn’t seen until now.
Theresa: Besides my family, pottery and sewing are creative things I like to do. (Theresa studies Computer Science & Media.)

I´m Henriette. I am in my 4th semester of my product design studies at the Bauhaus University, Germany. I am also a blacksmith. This semester is special though, because design and technology are coming together. As an interdisciplinary team we will create an interactive costume for the stage! To actually make this happen many of our divers skills are needed and that makes me quite excited about this project.
I’m a computer science student and and heavily into electronics.
After kites, hotairballons and parts of an airship now something delicate like a theater costume under my sewing machine – super, as long as I do not have to crochet or knit! (Susann studies Computer Science & Media.)

 – i study product design here and really like this – i love the exchange between the faculties at our university (also beyond the project) , thats one reason why i choose this project for this semester – the other reason is: i love theater, yes! –
Sebastian: Hi, i study Computer Science and Media. I like programming and like to hang out with my friends. I am looking forward to the project and I am curious.
Hasibullah:I’m from Computer Science and Media 2nd semester,who love exploring new ideas and enjoy implementing them.