Distributed Fog-Machines

Instead of distributing smoke through tubes and pipes through a costume, one could distribute the fog machines. So the smoke/fog is where it is needed.

Since E-Cigarettes work with the same principle as fog machines, they are an option for small, low-cost and low-power-consuming fog machines. Furthermore E-Cigarettes are small enough to put them nearly everywhere inside (and outside) of a costume.

In contrast to fog machines, E-Cigarettes have the advantage that they are cheap. Simple versions start at 20€; therefore, plenty of them could take placed instead of one fog machine

Functionality of an E-Cigarette

To spread the smoke small pumps can be used (something like this).

If it is needed to transport the fog over small distances, shrinkable sleeves may be a good possibility. They are flexible and sew-able. And since they are shrinkable they can easily be used to drain off the transition from the pump.

Shrinkable sleeves sewed to a cloth
Shrinkable sleeves sewed to a cloth