Exam requirements

In order for credits earned in the Bauhaus.Modules to be recognised, the following must be taken into account:


Recognition as an Elective Module

Credits earned in the Bauhaus.Modules can count towards your study programme as elective modules. Please make sure that you select the elective module option for the Bauhaus.Modules. Your faculty will then recognise your academic achievements as usual.


Learning Agreement if Maximum Number of Elective Modules Have Been Completed

If you have already completed the maximum number of elective modules, you may be able to replace a compulsory module or a compulsory elective module. This must be agreed upon between you, your academic advisor and the person responsible for the module. This must also be recorded in a Learning Agreement. The Learning Agreement and instructions on how to proceed can be found in this document.


Examination Requirements

The study and examination regulations for the respective degree programme within which the course is offered apply for the courses offered as Bauhaus.Modules. The examination requirements for a module may vary, depending on whether the course is a project module or a subject module, for example. Be sure to clarify the course and examination requirements at the start of the course with the person responsible for the module.

Contact Person

Gudrun Kopf
Questions about recognition of study and examination achievements
phone: +49 (0) 36 43/58 23 50
e-mail: gudrun.kopf[at]uni-weimar.de