What are »Bauhaus.Module«?

How can aspiring artists and civil engineers learn from one another? How can the joy of experimentation and transdisciplinarity be integrated into teaching practice? And which issues are currently preoccupying our students? These questions form the core of the interdisciplinary Bauhaus.Module. The projects and courses completed within the Bauhaus.Module provide answers and bring together different ways of thinking and working, allowing students and teachers from different disciplines to interact. Students learn and exercise a high degree of creativity, the ability to complete inter- and transdisciplinary work, as well as the skills to confidently interact with a variety of global enterprises. In addition to this, students try their hand at teaching themselves and contribute their own topics, questions and approaches. In turn, teachers have the opportunity to develop new teaching formats and forms of collaboration. For further information please check here.

How can I find courses?

An overview of the varied courses on offer is available on the homepage. Use the filter function to narrow down your options. Further details (e.g. on how to register and participation requirements) can be found in the bison course catalogue. An additional Bauhaus.Module category has been added to bison . All of the special courses offered are listed there.

What are the characteristics of a »Bauhaus.Module« course?

Bauhaus.Module comprise courses and projects from all academic disciplines, and open up a broad range of perspectives and approaches to various topics. 

These courses

  • will be held in cooperation by teaching staff of different faculties, allowing the transgression of existing disciplinary boundaries
  • can be of importance for students of other disciplines in addition to their own courses of study. This will in turn require a corresponding adaptation of the teaching concept
  • will be suplemented through the different perspectives of guest lecturers, who may also originally come from fields of praxis


  • may be organised as well as executed by students of the Bauhaus-Universität Weimar.

Main themes of the Bauhaus.Module courses

  • are the basics of methods, techniques and theory
  • are focussed on questions around societal responsibility as well as personal development
  • are specifically focused on application and implementation in the shape of so called Projekt- and Werkmodule or Reallabore.

How can I register for courses as a student?

The registration procedures vary. It is possible to register for some courses online; for others, you will need to attend the first day of the course. Please check the bison course catalogue for full details of your chosen course.

As a student, can I obtain credits for the courses I take within the Bauhaus.Module?

The achievements can be credited via the elective area of your curriculum. If you have already exhausted your elective possibilities, you may be able to replace an elective or compulsory module with the "Bauhaus.Module" course after consultation with your departmental student advisor. This must be clarified individually at the beginning of the semester. The Learning Agreement documents the agreement made regarding its recognition. It must be concluded between the student, the lecturer and the student advisor at the beginning of the semester and before the examinations are taken. Further information on the recognition of study and examination achievements can be found on the following page: Exam requirements tab.

What languages are courses offered in?

Courses and projects will be offered in German and English during the Bauhaus.Semester. Use the language filter on the homepage to sort the courses by language.

What is a Learning Agreement?

Students who have already completed the necessary elective modules and wish to replace a compulsory course from their curriculum with a Bauhaus.Semester course, should sign a Learning Agreement. This binding agreement between the student, module supervisor and academic advisor regulates the recognition of study and examination achievements. The Learning Agreement is available here.

Why are some courses offered with different numbers of credits?

Some courses are open to students of other subjects as part of their regular degree programme. Depending which degree programme the course is affiliated with, the workload (and therefore also the credits) many vary. Some courses can be taken as a project module or as a subject module, for example. Please clarify these questions with the person responsible for the module and, if necessary, your academic advisor before the course starts. The page Academic advisors provides you with advisors from all faculties.

Is funding available for my course?

Various funds support the development of studies and teaching at the Bauhaus-Universität Weimar.  For an overview of all funding opportunities, please see the Support page.

I’m a student and have an idea for my own course. What should I do?

Students have the opportunity to get involved in the Bauhaus.Semester by organising courses of their own. Therefore please seek a mentor who is a lecturer of your faculty. If interested, you are welcome to contact the coordination team.

I’m a lecturer and want to add my course to the bison course catalogue. How can I do this?

You can find detailed instructions on how to add a course to the bison course catalogue on the Course preparation page. Please take note of your faculty’s standard deadlines and entry procedure.

Contact Persons

Prof. Christian Koch
Vice-President of Academic Affairs
phone: +49 (0) 3643 / 58 4960
e-mail: c.koch[at]uni-weimar.de

Ronny Schüler
Coordination "Bauhaus.Module"
Tel.: +49 (0) 36 43/58 12 63
E-Mail: ronny.schueler[at]uni-weimar.de

Maxim Hermann
Student assistant
Editorial head of the "Bauhaus.Module"
E-Mail: maxim.hermann[at]uni-weimar.de