Course preparation

This page contains all of the information you need to prepare and implement a course for the Bauhaus.Mdoule. This information is relevant for both lecturers and module supervisors as well as students running their own course as part of the Bauhaus.Module.

Heterogeneous student knowledge

By opening up your course, it may well be that students from other disciplines participate in your course. They may have other prior knowledge and first need to be introduced to the methods and cultures of your subject. Your course should take this into account.

Announcing your course

To make your course visible, it must be added to the «Bauhaus.Module» category of the bison course catalogue. You can find further instructions on how to add your course to bison in this document. An overview of the courses listed there is also available on the Bauhaus.Module start page. Courses are arranged and sorted randomly. A filter function enables more targeted searches.


Advertising your course

You have the opportunity to advertise your course on posters. Templates have been created for this on the web site of the University Communications. Furthermore you will find information about different possibilities about advertising your course in this document.

Recognition of study and exam achievements: Learning Agreement

Students who have already completed their elective modules but still wish to attend a course of the Bauhaus.Module are able to replace a compulsory course in their curriculum following consultation with their academic advisor. This arrangement is set out in a Learning Agreement, which you must also sign (as the person responsible for the module). Please discuss with the student beforehand what criteria they must meet to fulfil their study and exam requirements. You can find the the Learning Agreement in this document.

Recognition of teaching

If an interdisciplinary course is organised for the Bauhaus.Module, academic staff can credit the full teaching hours to their teaching load. This applies for courses taught by up to three academic staff if they represent different subjects in the joint course. The dean decides on the crediting of teaching hours, hence we recommend that you consult the dean’s office beforehand. Section 5 para. 6 of the Thuringian regulations on university teaching duties (Thüringer Lehrverpflichtungsverordnung, ThürLVVO) constitutes the legal basis.

Reflection and qualitative evaluation

The Bauhaus.Module invite students to reflect on teaching concepts and to develop the study concept further. It is to offer space for experimentation; for an open, dialogical and discipline-linking examination of topical issues of our time; and for new partnerships within the university and beyond. Your insights and the students’ experiences are to be recorded within the scope of a qualitative evaluation. Individual courses will be considered specifically for this purpose. If interested, you are welcome to contact the coordination team.


For the Bauhaus.Module, a team of students will accompany selected courses and document work processes and outcomes on the Bauhaus.Module website. Please contact the student editorial team should you be interested in having your course documented.

Contact Persons

Ronny Schüler
Coordination "Bauhaus.Module"
Tel.: +49 (0) 36 43/58 12 63
E-Mail: ronny.schueler[at]

Gudrun Kopf
Questions about recognition of study and examination achievements
phone: +49 (0) 36 43/58 23 50
e-mail: gudrun.kopf[at]

Fabian Langenhan 
Questions about the course catalog bison
phone: +49 (0) 36 43 / 58 22 30
E-Mail: bison[at]

Carolin Klemm
Questions about Advertising Media
phone: +49 (0) 36 43/58 11 69
e-mail: carolin.klemm[at]

Andreas Kettritz
Questions about recognition of teaching
phone: +49 (0) 38 43/58 12 56
e-mail: andreas.kettritz[at]

Maxim Hermann
Student assistant
Editorial head of the "Bauhaus.Module"
E-Mail: maxim.hermann[at]