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What are Bauhaus.Modules?

How can aspiring artists and civil engineers learn from one another? How can the joy of experimentation and transdisciplinarity be integrated into teaching practice? And which issues are currently preoccupying our students? These questions form the core of the interdisciplinary Bauhaus.Modules. The projects and courses completed within the Bauhaus.Modules provide answers and bring together different ways of thinking and working, allowing students and teachers from different disciplines to interact with one another. Students learn and exercise a high degree of creativity, are able to complete inter- and transdisciplinary work, and hone their skills so that they can confidently interact with a variety of global enterprises. In addition, students can also try their hand at teaching and contribute their own topics, questions and approaches. In turn, instructors have the opportunity to develop new teaching and collaboration formats.

This potential is addressed and expanded upon in the Bauhaus.Modules. Projects and courses provide a variety of perspectives and encourage problem-solving approaches. In addition, they: 

  • are run by lecturers from different faculties or subjects, allowing disciplinary boundaries to be overcome.
  • offer students from various disciplines the chance to learn beyond their own study programme. Teaching concepts should be adapted in order to accommodate students who may be unfamiliar with the subject area.
  • allow visiting lecturers to contribute their own perspectives (incl. in practical fields).
  • are conceived and run by Bauhaus-Universität Weimar students.

Thematically, the Bauhaus.Modules projects and courses: 

  • are focussed on the fundamental fields of methods, techniques and theories. 
  • focus on questions of social responsibility and personal development.
  • have concrete applications in project and work modules or »Reallabore« (field tests).

Thematically, the Bauhaus.Module projects and courses 

  • are oriented to the fundamental fields of methods, techniques and theories; 
  • focus on questions of social responsibility and personal development; and/or 
  • have concrete applications in project and work modules or real-life laboratories.

The Bauhaus.Modules are published both on this website and in the bison course catalogue approximately one month before the semester begins.

The »Fonds Bauhaus.Module« allows the university to support students and academic staff in the development of the Bauhaus.Modules. See here for further information.

Bauhaus.Modules benefit from the fact that the design of our living space forms the focus of research and art, studies and teaching in all four faculties. The Bauhaus-Universität Weimar combines the disciplines offered at a scientific university with those offered at an art and design university in a unique way. The university aims to develop both studies and teaching in our teaching strategy. This includes encouraging interdisciplinary teaching and studies, making teaching and learning formats more flexible, and fostering international expertise.

Contact Persons

Prof. Christian Koch
Vice-President of Academic Affairs
phone: +49 (0) 3643 / 58 4960
e-mail: c.koch[at]

Ronny Schüler
Coordination "Bauhaus.Module"
Tel.: +49 (0) 36 43/58 12 63