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The domestication of thoughts

 Concept for visualizing thoughts by using biometric Sensors


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SAKI chose the Hide Park in his shortstory DUSK as setting for Gortsbys thoughts and allegorizes them with pictures of the inside of the character Gortsby.

Gortsby visits the park to get in contact with someone or something. A park basically is something natural, but at the same time created by humans, domesticated and influenced by peoples culture and society.

Is it the same with our thoughts?

The two different encounters and Gortsbys misjudgment (amplified by the element of the soap as a symbol of domestication) show it apparently  – his thoughts are a result of society influenced prejudices.

Find out more about our research on visualization of thinking/prejudice in our thoughts video .


The Design of Domesticated Thoughts:

For the projection of Gortsbys thoughts we discussed a lot of ideas about visualizing thoughts as something industrial reproduced or metaphorical like growing thought-plants.

Finally we chose a realistic „domesticated“ point of view perspective and Close Up videos of nature and contrast them with the destruction and irrationality of animated abstract forms. This visual process from a naturalistic picture to abstract forms we want to effect interactively via biometric input of the actor in our play.



thinking-  naturalistic to irrational

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Biometric Input via Voice and Heartbeat Sensor:

We influence the visual process through biometric parameters of the actor like voice and heartbeat. Associative pictures are build up and fall apart triggered by the actors behavior.

The transformation from biometric input into projected output refers to the ambiguity between nature and domestication and is a connecting piece between actor and stage.

Find out more about how to use the Sensors in interactive projects.


thoughts on stage – have a look at our Storyboard:

Storyboard thoughts 1

Storyboard thoughts 2




It’s all about London and a bar of soap?

Well, London is the place where Saki‘s short story “Dusk” that builds our background plot is settled. In this story an middle-aged man named Norman Gortsby observes his city from park-based perspective. He is sitting on a bench and in his minds he is judging over the society. After an old poor man has left the place next to him, a younger man takes his seat and tells Gortsby an uncredible story that ends with a lost soap and the indirect request for some money. Gortsby does not believe the young man who hereupon left the place. After the young man was gone Gortsby found a soap und suddendly the young man’s story seemed to be true after all. But sometimes it is not so clear as you think…