The Idea behind this Project

We want to explore interactive technologies at theatre stages. Therefore, we build innovative elements for a theatre stage, based on technologies like e.g. Arduino or Kinect. Practical parts of this project include stage design, props and costume design, depending on the final concept ideas.

Students from the Computer Science & Media, Human-Computer Interaction, MedienInformatik, Media Architecture, Media Art & Design, and Product Design work collaborative during the classes. They form the whole process together in teams, the project depends on the cooperation between creative and technical development. The interdisciplinary teams develop individual solutions for a play.

Additionally, we collaborate with a local theatre and get into contact with theatre professionals in order to bring our project outcomes live on stage. Then we evaluate how our ideas correlate with the production process from rehearsal to performance and how such innovations can enhance theatre performance.

Please contact michaela.honauer @ uni-weimar.de for further information!