Constructing the Form for the Octupus Head

We want to construct the head of the Octopus with a (semi)transparent illuminated brain part. Therefore we will use the following  approach: some thin transparent plastic is heated and then pressed against a massive form. The result will be the half of the form pressed against the plastic disk. So we will have two halves,each of one side of the form.

We decided to take  clay as material for the form. So here are some pictures of the result from a three hour pottery session  of Dilek and me.

IMG_20140524_135844 IMG_20140524_135824 IMG_20140524_135749 IMG_20140524_135735 IMG_20140524_135727 IMG_20140524_135715 IMG_20140524_135707


So our result will be a transparent plastic helmet, which we can then design. We are already sure that in the back of the helmet will be drilled many small holes to prevent the actor from sweating to death.