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Sketches and Ideas for King Ubú


Sketch of King Ubú

  • sketches are orientated on the sketch from Alfred Jarry
  • he wrote the theater play

Sketch for the Pipes:



Fogmachine: Scotty II




  • akku fogmachine
  • no heat Time
  • can be operated with one hand
  • has a digital button
  • just 6 kg
  • just 223x 100x 210 mm high


  • fog 10 minutes permanently or 150 fog violations á 5 seconds
  •                it´s not enough for a complete theater play
  • cost 709,00 €
  • weight´s 6kg
  • has a hot output

potential solutions for the smoking costume

  • Tiny FX fog maschine

“The smallest fog machine of the world!” (L = 9,8 cm, B = 4,4 cm, H = 3,4 cm), but is very expensiv (819,-€) and doesn’t produce enough smoke-pressure.


  • ‘Smoke EL’

That is something from a modell airplane. It produces 1,5 minutes of constant smoke, uses 1600mAh batteries, 150mL of RedOil smoke liquid and is it a other option next to normal fog maschines, with a higher pressure.


  • ‘Norbert Klima Rakentenmodellbau’

That are very cheap Smoke Pellets, but they need to be set on fire.
Because they are get really hot, you need for example a large tin with another smaller one in it for the insulated. To distribute the smoke, a ventilator would be good.

picture: Susann Luge
picture: Susann Luge
picture: Susann Luge
picture: Susann Luge



For the pipe you can use tube from the building supplies store, but it must be heat-resistent and the tube should not sit directly on the fog mashine so that the machine gets air.
The smoke can flow well, when the tube has a diameter of 4 cm and more.