Rubedo – Allow Aloud N.4

Allow Aloud N.4 is a
r e a d inG
imp R o vIsAtiOn
f f f f f f f f f iELD RECordings
OunD Ss

voice reading and singing on the text „Utopian Body of M.Foucault“ „
Field Recordings: 
Venice 5th of November , Biennale /Gilles Deleuze „L’art et les societes de control“/ piano Leo Kay/ Venice Demonstration Lefteris Kysalis/ poem Pier Paolo Pasolini/ Carolina, Simon Le Bon, Paola, Bea in Bari singing Beja Flor/ playing Bontempi in Bari/ women circle at Mariarosa’s place con Monica, Nicoletta,Carol, Lucy, Mary, Giusy/ singing Sunday at home with Cristina, Bea, Francesco, Carol, Lu, Paola/ Carolina singing at women circle in Bari for the ancestors