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How to cut and reconnect el wire tutorial

This tutorial shows you how to cut el wire to a desired length and solder it to a new connector.



Step 1

Cut the wire to the desired length and the strip at least one centimeter of the colored coating. You will see that the inner core is separated in a clear shell.


Step 2

Gently cut the clear shell. Take caution to not cut the two angel hair wires. Once you removed the clear shell you are left with the phosphor coated core and the two angel hair wires.


Step 3

Scrape off the phosphor from the core wire. Make sure the is no phosphor left


Step 4

Put a small piece of copper tape around the end of the colored coating. Put a little bit of solder onto the copper and solder the two angel hair wires onto the copper.


Step 5

Take a connector and solder the blank black wire to the core and the wire with the white stripes to the copper. Insulate both connections with heat shrink tubing. At last put a bigger piece of heat shrink tubing over the copper tape part and on the other end of the wire to prevent accidental shocks.