Methods and Tools, Playacting and Focus Troupes

Original: Methods and Tools Playacting and Focus Troupes: Theather techniques for creating quick, intense, immersive, and engaging focus group sessions. Authors: Steve Sato and Tony Salvador Keywords: acting, design, product developing, theater techniques, Summary: Live Theater can create strong shared contexts in which the focus is on interaction. Through the researches live theater and improvisation can quickly immerse and involve participants in designing new products. Main Contents: 

The technics involve performing quick, intense and engaging activities. This activities focus on developing a shared context. They explore new product concept through using theater methods. Learn from how the participants and co-creater develop the new product and context for its use.

The workshops that they generated the collection of technics for new product development. Focus groups that are used to develop or evaluate new products and achieve some of achieve some of mockups. The result of the sessions contains comments and conversations about the product in context of the presentation.