Future Vintage Lecture Series – textile experiments

Wiebke and I presented this to you already, but here is a blog reminder for you.tumblr_n3inqyK2AU1qgn4seo1_1280
This lecture and workshop series about textiles was organised by the two of us and Katrin Steiger from the Chair of Media, Trend & Public Appearances.

Especially interesting to us could be our guest lecturer Alexandra Baum and her company Novanex. She is mainly working with e-textiles and smart textiles.

Also check out the Textilwerkstatt. It is our textile workshop, a student initiative open to everyone from the Bauhaus University. You are super welcome to step by, just to have a look or to actually get to work!

About Henriette

I´m Henriette. I am in my 4th semester of my product design studies at the Bauhaus University, Germany. I am also a blacksmith. This semester is special though, because design and technology are coming together. As an interdisciplinary team we will create an interactive costume for the stage! To actually make this happen many of our divers skills are needed and that makes me quite excited about this project.