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Rethinking our product Aesthetic


sandra backlund

The decision of our grupe to use the knitting technique was based on the scores plan that we did of the sensors we were testing so far.  Although our machine support is not high tech, the knitting technique are allowing us to build a fabric with the conditions that we need by matching resistive or conductive yarn with the normal thread.  Through the knitting technique we are trying to develop our prototype of integrated circuit  into the fabric weft.

Despite being very satisfied with the technique as a reliable sensor, it can be a bit trick concerning the aesthetic because the outfit can be easily related to “granny” or “cheesy” style. But we don’t want that!

no no no!

But hey, take a look in the work of Sandra Backlund.

yes yes yes!

Volume made out of the knitting technique looks a great idea to  overcome old stereotypes.

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