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Imagine the System is based on the project Interventions (working title).
This project investigates interaction itself and highly sophisticated techniques in the production process of contemporary interactive art works.

During the festival the visitors are approached actively and decentralized inside the given space.
They are motivated to imagine a certain situation (the system of the Performance Platform inside the Digital Bauhaus Lab), to think of an idea (what to do with/in the system), to write/sketch about the idea and finally to accept sharing the resulting material online.

Everything will be documented and published on a website.

Through the Project,
- visitors are included in the (are in charge of the) production process.
-> the role of the artist/producer is projected on the participant.
- something temporary, lively, flexible, quick and simple emerges in the space.

Technical infrastructure:
Pen and paper, laser prints, webspace?

Time for set-up:

Duration of Performance:
On and off, throughout the given time frame

Optional idea = a flexible space consisting of a screen printed carpet and a collapsible chair

Sketch klein.jpg

Decentralized, flexible
(carpet setup approx. 3m^2)