Open Call: RUBEDO, the snake eats its own tail by Marialuisa Capurso

This is an open call to invite artists and people to be part of this three months’ process. 

The focus of this durational project is to explore, heal, transform and sublimate the memory of the oppressive power of patriarchy in our bodies through sound, poetry, visual art and free expression.

The urge of transforming the abusive power of patriarchy propels this work of Questioning, Answering, Creating and Triggering art processes.

The violence of society’s language becomes more and more consistent on a tangible and on an ineffable level of communication. Against this injurious phenomenon, Rubedo aims to redefine on a deep level both the tangible and the ineffable. We need to create spaces of listening, care and sublimation, we – as creators vessels mirrors and shamans- will cook, solve, coagulate, imagine and create together a space where poetics are redistributed.

Rubedo is a durational performance with an alchemical approach. It is a combination of individual and collective practices, structured into a series of workshops, conversations, installations, rituals and acts.
In the timeframe of three months the process will be inspired by the three stages: Nigredo, Albedo and Rubedo. For Jungian culture; Black, White and Red precede and determine the way human life is lived. Colors have to do with light, reflections, optics, nerves and with the world itself; they are the world itself.

N i g r e d o  is a stage of darkness, sinisterness, obstinateness and repetitiveness.
A l b e d o  is a stage of recognition. It is the experience of the awakening.
R u b e d o  is the objectification of the material which has been dissolved, calcined, putrefied and distilled to a clarity; It is the transformation itself.

The last month of the project  will take place in the Eigenheim gallery, where all the sounds, breath visions traces will be floating, and sediment in the space. As a vessel of the work, a radio composition will be created to witness the whole process.

We will be the laboratory , the alchemists and the material itself .

If you would like to be part of the durational performance or you have any question please contact Marialuisa Capurso.



I am a singer, sound artist, and researcher in the fields of voice, sound and body performance, and ritual. I put all my intentions in creating a listening space for breathing, embracing issue and sublimate it into a space of listening.

I grew up in a place where I’ve never felt protected as a woman, I often didn’t feel comfortable being myself at work or in the street, and I did not feel free to scream out my voice for a long period of my life.
My story leads me to explore myself and to transform the feeling of oppression.