Esteban Ferro is an artist from Bogotá living in Mexico City. He completed his undergraduate studies in visual arts at the National University of Colombia and is currently pursuing a master’s degree in visual arts at the National Autonomous University of Mexico (UNAM).

His work investigates the relationships between sound, memory and fiction present in Latin American socio-political contexts. Through his practice, he addresses processes of listening, transcription, and reenactment by experimenting with social discourses disseminated in the public and media spheres. His projects have a multidisciplinary character as they materialize simultaneously in audiovisual, sound, editorial, and performative pieces.

His work has been shown in collective exhibitions and festivals in Colombia, Mexico, and Germany. He has also carried out artistic residencies in spaces such as the Festival Auditum (Medellin), Puerto Contemporáneo para las Artes (Bogotá-Cartagena), INBA/Museo Carrillo Gil, and The Lab Program (Ciudad de México). He has received several artistic production grants, such as the Independent Editorial Projects Grant 2021 and the CK Web Grant for Radio Projects, both from IDARTES. His project, “Llamado de Guerra,” was selected as one of the winners of the XIV National Salon of Young Art at the Santa Fe Gallery in 2021.