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Pressure Sensor Size and Location

As the pressure sensors are working, I tried to find the best spot on the body for it to attach to. Therefore I focused on attaching it to the legs. After the the video motion analysis I decided for the knee area and the upper leg/side/bottom area.

In the first step in made the sensors much larger than before to make sure that the area where the sensor touches the ground is much larger, so it will definitely work.

The sensors are made like the Pressure Sensor 1 of the experiments. I attached everything to a leggings so it's easier to try it out.



First had had two large sensors. One attached to the knee, one to the bottom area. The video shows the result of the first try. The blue graph is the key, the orange graph is the bottom. This experiment shows, that the pressure sensors are working fine, but are too large. This leads to the effect, that it doesn't only sense pressure on the ground, but also other movements, for example, when the knee is bent.

After the first trial I used the same areas of for the sensors, but split them up in smaller parts, still trying to cover a large area of that body part. For the knee I split it into two parts, the side into three parts. The result is that, the work as well as the ones before, but still sense unwanted movements like bending the knee.


I think that the areas of the body, where I want to sense the pressure are in the right places, but the sensors themselves don't have to be that large. I think the size of about 2x2 cm is enough to cover the knee and side area and still measure enough pressure. 

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