(Oranisms that can participate in a Game)
(Oranisms that can participate in a Game)
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[[GMU:Lebendige_Spiele:Beetles]] (Maike)
[[GMU:Lebendige_Spiele:Beetles]] (Maike)
== Cathegories==
== Cathegories==

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Oranisms that can participate in a Game

GMU:Lebendige_Spiele:Euglena (René)

GMU:Lebendige_Spiele:Axolotl (Maike, Sarah)

GMU:Lebendige_Spiele:Pigeons (Wild) (René)

GMU:Lebendige_Spiele:Ants (Maud, Sarah)

GMU:Lebendige_Spiele:Snails ((Maud, Sarah, Julius)

Bacteria (Maike)

GMU:Lebendige_Spiele:Slimemold (Dominik)

GMU:Lebendige_Spiele:Artemia salina (Sea Monkey/ "Yps Urzeitkrebse") (Yorrick, Joachim)

GMU:Lebendige_Spiele:Dragonfly, Firefly (Julius)

Jellyfish (Sarah, Julius)

GMU:Lebendige_Spiele:Plants (Yorrick, Joachim)

GMU:Lebendige_Spiele:Rodents(Rats/Mice) (Dominik)

GMU:Lebendige_Spiele:Crickets (Maud)

Midgets "Larven"

GMU:Lebendige_Spiele:Beetles (Maike)




  • What do we have to do in order to see/feel/hear/smell them?
  • Is there any way to make them look particularly beautiful/interesting/intense?


  • What can we do in order to make them react to us?
  • How fast, how strong, how predictable is that reaction?


  • Which kind of space would they work together well with?


  • What associations do you have to them? / Do they have any metaphoric value?

Ethics/ Living Conditions

  • What do we have to provide/avoid in order to treat them "right"?


  • How can we get them? /How much do they cost?
  • Do we need any special equippment for them?
  • How long can we keep them?
    • In an exhibition setting?
    • In our lab?