Depending on how long a game should take, the fungal growth can be observed normally or it can be scaled up digitally. – Most fitting would be a game over the span of 2-3 Days in order for a more complex mold pattern to be formed.

Slimemold can take on different forms and go through multiple Metamorphoses throughout its life. The Slimemold doesn’t emit a strong smell, is slightly damp and identifiable by its usual yellow, networked appearance.

To make the slimemold more interesting/ less disgusting, one could project a black and white silhouette of the fungal network on the ground/playing field and make it part of the environment/enemy.


The growth of the slimemold can be manipulated by intensity and placement of light, temperature, the nutrient medium and distributed nutrition pallets. The Interventions will not have imminent effects as the mold needs time to grow and adjust to the changes.


The Mold would work well with a room sized playing field, since the slow growth could possibly still be observed by sizing a small part of nutrient medium with the mold on it up. A Table would work with this idea as well (and this perimeter could be transgressed if needed, expanding the field to the whole room). – The growing speed is only about 1cm/hour!




-(anti-/social) movements

-idea distribution/-propagation


-Evolution and Destruction

-life and/or death

Ethics/Living Conditions:

Same as all plants – favourable growing conditions.


Bio Lab for a primer as well as a petri dish and eventually devices for monitoring. Can be kept in Lab and Exhibition-setting, doesn’t die since it’s a compound of o unicellular organisms