They have black/white vision from their eyes. Chemosensors on the tentacles (water-based snails) Smell is their strongest sense. Their senses are all concentrated on the front of their body. They also leave slime trails when the move across a surface that are interesting visible traces and can be quite beautiful.


There are kinds of snails that live on land environments but also those that are water-based and could be kept in a tank (and likely have chemoreceptors).


The large African Land Snails are an invasive species in Germany, and while technically we could get one, we should not

Snails are easy to care for.

'Helix pomatia' Burgundy snail

listed as a specially protected species in annex 1 of the Bundesartenschutzverordnung

most widespread type of the Helix breed in Europe

up to 10cm and around 30grams

measure breathing ?

disappear in their houses when danger occurs

speed: 7cm per minute -> 4,2m per hour ... depends on the room temperature

good climbers -> creep on walls