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=== Bio Art ===
=== Bio Art ===
*[http://www.diysect.com/: Diysect Webseries of BioArt]
*[http://www.diysect.com/: Diysect Webseries about BioArt]

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Opening hours

Monday 14:00 - 17:00

Wednesday 14:00 - 17:00

Friday 14:00 - 17:00

Short introduction to our DIY Bio-Lab

Welcome to our DIY Bio-Lab at Bauhaus University Weimar

Before you start using our microscopes, the laminar flow bench or chemicals I ask you kindly to take two hours to prepare beforehand.

In these two hours, please 1. read the manuals for the microscopes and understand how to use them 2. watch two videos and learn how to use microliter pipettes 3. get some basic vocabulary about lab- equipment 4. read some recipes for the medium your organism needs 5. and read the basic papers about your organism, before you start growing it.

→ 1. The manuals for the lab:

  • das saubere Mikroskop [1]


  • The Bresser Microscope (the big one)
  • these kind of pictures are possible with the Bresser microscope. Full rez SomeniceBacteria.JPG

  • another one of common mold spore heads. Full rez Moldondictyostelium.JPG

  • The Masterflex microscope ("the small one") [2]
  • The laminar flow bench [3]

→ 2. The videos about the microliter pipettes:

→ 3. We work mostly in English in the DIY Biolab. Please make sure to know your vocabulary!

→ 4. + 5. What kind of medium you want to prepare and what your organism needs you have to find out yourself.

Further Information

Bio Art

Current Projects in the Lab


  • The Bresser Microscope (the big one) [9]
  • The Masterflex microscope ("the small one") [10]
  • The laminar flow bench [11]