Projects in Bio Art

"Who will be the Disney of the future? He or she might, I suggest, be a molecular biologist " Vilem Flusser, Curie's Children, Art Forum, October 1988, p. 9. On Science

This is an introductory course that focuses on making art with living matter. It centers on bio art practices and looks towards strategies found in nature to inform art making techniques. The program emphasizes experimentation in sensing and interactions between humans and non-humans.


  • 10/06/2014: introduction, discussion, plans (homework: diagramms)
  • 10/13/2014: discussion of diagramms, guidelines for bio art works in the context of students prior works
  • 10/20/2014: presentations, lectures
  • 10/27/2014: no class, but "video night" with videos from lectures by bio artists
  • 11/03/2014: presentations, lectures, short presentation of your projects
  • 11/10/2114: presentations, lectures
  • 11/17/2014: presentations, lectures
  • 11/24/2014: presentations, lectures
  • 12/01/2014: hands-on bioart workshop with T.Schubert and D. Hewitt (exact date will be announced
  • 12/08/2014: last meeting: delivery of work/concept, discussion of your contributions

Location: seminar room 366 at VAF Building 3.00 - 5.50 pm



What is Bioart?




  • Robert Mitchell: Bioart an the Vitality of Media ISBN 978-0295990088
  • Ingeborg Reichle: Art in the Age of Technoscience: Genetic Engineering, Robotics, and Artificial Life in Contemporary Art ISBN 978-3211781609
  • George Gessert: Green Light ISBN 978-0262014144
  • Suzanne Anker: Visual Culture and Bioscience ISBN 978-1890761127
  • Ine Gevers: Yes Naturally ISBN 978-9462080638
  • Ginsberg, Calvert, Schyfter, Elfick, Endy: Synthetic Aesthetics ISBN 978-0262019996 recommended chapters: The Biogenetic Timestamp: Exploring the Rearrangement of Matter trought Synthetic Biology and Art by Catts and Iwasaki, Time as Critique by Jane Calvert, Evolution or Design by Jane Calvert,
  • Eugene Thacker: Biomedia ISBN 978-0816643530
  • Lynn Margulis & Dorion Sagan: Acquiring Genomes ISBN 978-0465043927
  • Bureaud, Malina, Whiteley: Meta-Life: Biotechnologies, Synthetic Biology, ALife and the Arts [1] recommended chapters: Catts & Zurr: Countering the Engineering Mindset: The Conflict of Art and Synthetic Biology
  • Landwehr, Kuni: Home Made Bio Electronic Arts: Do-it yourself: Microscopes, Sensors, Sonifications ISBN 978-3856165673 (Introduction)

Eco Art

Biology, Technology and Culture



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