Glasses are sometimes annoying

Concept/Idea: I was thinking about how unpleasent glasses could be (although they are very useful) and wanted to present them in a funny way. People who doesn’t wear glasses should know how it feels as well, when the rain drops on the glass and how irritating fogged glasses are, when you go inside a warm room.

What I developed: Till now I created 3 scenes on an Island. In the first one there is great summer weather and you can discover the island through your glasses. If you reach a special place you will switch to the second scene which causes a thunderstorm and your screen is getting full of raindrops. Now you can go in the cabin with a fireplace inside and because of a trigger your switching to another scene. Your glasses are becoming fogged so your field of view is restricted. Vimeo link:

Bild2Brille.jpg Bild3Brille.jpg

What I want to do: My aim is it to create some game tasks which are difficult to solve with the glasses as obstacles. The scenes where glasses change should work as levels which get harder. I also want to make the environment more detailed and realistic, especially the cabin. I am not satisfied with how you can look between the glasses as well. So I am trying to find a way to make the rest of the field of view blurred.