Lehrperson: Teri Rueb, verantwortlich: Prof. Ursula Damm, Prof. Nathalie Singer
Termin: 28th of June 2010 13:30-18:30
Ort: Marienstraße 7b, Raum 204

English description

Mobile networks and wireless telecommunications technologies are inherently spatial at the scale of landscape and infrastructure. Important questions about the relationship of landscape and subjectivity - our very sense of place in the world - emerge with the rise of this new "network landscape" condition. Artists and designers working in this domain have begun to design and represent this condition in projects that range from networked street performance and activist projects, to collaborative cartography, situated ethnography, and pervasive games. This workshop in locative media will introduce participants to basic concepts in the technical, aesthetic and compositional aspects of creating GPS[[GPS|Global Positioning System]]-based interactive installations using iPaq devices and the freeware mScape. The workshop is designed to address a spectrum of participants from novice to expert. Space is limited (25).


IMPORTANT: participants should bring their own ear buds or headphones with stereo mini connection (iPod or mp3 player headphones are perfect).

The participants must create some sound files in advance – sound capture or creation will not be covered during the workshop as there isn't enough time, but participants must bring their own sounds to work with or share sound files with one another. They can also use stock sound downloaded from the internet, or sound from other projects, of course. However, it is best if the group agrees on a general area to work with – some place in close proximity to the building in which the workshop will take place so that it's easy to access in the short time frame of the workshop. It can be a rather large area, around 1 x 1 kilometers, but not much larger since it takes lots of time to compile, walk / test iterations and collectively experience the final compositions.

We have six devices until October for the students to work with. Contact Max Neupert.



Zielgruppe und Teilnehmer

Studierende der Fakultäten Medien, Gestaltung und der Medienarchitektur


  1. Andreas Beyer
  2. Josephine Kunkel
  3. Elena Zieser
  4. Dominique Wollniok
  5. Julia Vorkefeld
  6. Alexander Grüner
  7. Julia Waack
  8. Andreas Feddersen
  9. (N.Singer)
  10. Albrecht Weise
  11. Marjorie Hernandez
  12. Katja Knecht
  13. Lisa Naumann
  14. Tobias Ziegler
  15. (U.Damm)


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