recommended Basic parts for Arduino starters

Arduino, USB cable

  • Arduino Arduino Uno Segor Watterott or any clone if are familiar with your choice.
  • USB-Cable matching the above Arduino. (Standard USB A / B cable for Arduino Uno) Watterott Segor

The "Glue" to keep things together

  • 1 Breadboard Segor or Watterott or Reichelt or Pollin
  • 1 Set of alligator Clips (10): buy them anywhere. I have mine from Segor and they are ok. conrad or segor
  • 1 Set of Breadboard Jumper wires, flexible cables preferred but solid wire works too.
    • flexible ebay
    • solid: reichelt
    • or make them from bell wire (recommended diameter of the wire: 0.6..0.8mm)

Carbon film Resistors (or other resistors with easy to read colors)

each value 5 times: - save money buying packs of 100 pieces. The links are for packs of 100!

Note: if you are planning to use many LEDs you probably will need more 220R resistors.


Capacitors, min. 16V - ideally 25V each value one time:

Conrad online product search could need slight improvements... no links for conrad here - but they have them too.


  • 5 Cheap push Buttons with 2 or 4 legs that fit in your breadboard (no matter what size):



Cheap 5mm LEDs - Color doesn't Matter, 20mA or 10mA doesn't matter if you need them just for testing.

  • standard brightness, 10mA yellow: Segor (opaque, yellow housing)
  • standard brightness, 10mA green: Segor (opaque, green housing)
  • standard brightness, 10mA orange: Segor (opaque, orange housing)
  • standard brightness, 10mA red: Segor (opaque, red housing)

or Clear, brighter 5mm LEDs if you are interested in Lighting or building sensors based on light:

  • Super bright, green: Segor (clear housing: color can't be determined by eye!)
  • Super bright, red 30mA Pollin (clear housing: color can't be determined by eye!)
  • Super bright, yellow, 50mA Pollin (clear housing: color can't be determined by eye!)

RGB[[Farbe#Farbräume|Red Green Blue]] Colorspace LEDLight-emitting diode (3 LEDs in one)

  • 1 RGB[[Farbe#Farbräume|Red Green Blue]] Colorspace LEDLight-emitting diode (common cathode) Watterott Segor


less important - but recommendable if you want to play with transistor circuits apart from Arduino:

  • ULN2003 or ULN2803A (similar) Darlington Transistor Arrays Segor or Pollin

Sensors and Actors : Input and Output


2 x Relay either 12V (12V power adapter needed, see below at optional parts) or 6(5)V (no additional power needed):

5 or 6 V:


  • 1 x 2-way, 125V, 12V 700r, Breadboard compatible: Segor
  • 1 x 2-way 2A/24VDC 12,6x7,8x10, Segor breadboard compatible (not available in the local store!!!)1

Optional In/Output

  • Opto coupler Segor
  • Magnet Sensors (Hall)
  • Reed-Switch (Magnetic actuated switch) + Magnet
  • Tilt Sensor
  • Microphone (+ parts for a preamp)
  • Thermistor
  • analog or digital Temperature Sensor Segor, LM335
  • Sharp Distance Sensor
  • Parallax Ping distance Sensor
  • 3 axis Accelerometer (analog for beginners, digital for advanced users)
  • Hall sensors (magnetic fields)
  • analog Multiplexer (more analog inputs)
  • LEDLight-emitting diode-Matrix + necessary Transistors / Shift registers
  • Stepper motor Driver (have to know if unipolar or bipolar!) + Stepper motor (unipolar or bipolar or universal!)
  • LCD, Vibration Motors, Electro Magnets, ...
  • Shift-Registers (more digital outputs)
  • Quarz 16MHz, Voltage regulator 5V (run Atmega on Breadboard without Arduino board)
  • 1 Infrared LEDLight-emitting diode and 1 Infrared receiver (36kHz or 38kHz) if you want to control your TV or receive command from a remote

Soldering and other mechanical accessories

  • Stripboard or Arduino Prototyping shield
  • screw terminal (5.04mm or 2.54mm)
  • AC Adapter (Power Supply "Wall Wart" type), 12VDC or better a universal adapter with selectable voltage.
    • for standard applications - using arduino without USB power:Reichelt, Pollin
    • for more power application (larger motors, many external components, stepper motors etc.): Reichelt or Pollin
  • Coaxial_power_connector (German: Hohlstecker):