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Multitouch interfaces

Interface Design

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Trackers, Framework and Libraries

Name Programming Language License Page
BBTouch Cocoa(Mac) GPL license
Bespoke Multi-Touch Framework C# BSD License
reacTIVision C++ GPI license
Community Core Vision(ccv) C++ MPL or MIT (not defined)
Touché Cocoa(Mac) LGPLv3
Touchlib C++ New BSD License
Creative multi-touching Actionscript 3(Adobe Air) not specified
Grafiti C# GNU General Public License(GPL)v3
Multi-Touch Vista C# GNU General Public License(GPL)v2
PyMT Python GPL v3
TouchPy Python GPL/Software & Applications 63v
2DCur Python,Lily(Javascript Visual Language on Mozilla Framework) GPL3
SimTouch Action Script3 (Adobe Air) MIT License
ReacTIVIsion C++ GNU General Public License
QMTSim C++ GNU General Public

Software & The necessary code

Name Programming Language Page Example Downlaod
Flash CS5 multi-touch api: TouchEvent& TransformGestureEvent Device Central CS5 - Flash Professional Integration File:Examples-Multitouch Flash examples


<videoflash type="youtube">NwVBzx0LMNQ</videoflash>


  • Wii Technik

1) Tracking fingers with the Wii Remote 2) Low-Cost Multi-touch Whiteboard using the Wiimote
3) Microsoft NEW Technology Microsoft Surface 4) TouchKit Version 2.0 5) Cool Tilty Table Demo 6) Mobile Surface Computer
7) Arduino to Flash range sensor experiment 8) CHI: Multitoe project offers new touch interface 9) MultiTouch.Framework/Iphone & Mac -Develop multi-touch applications for Mac OS X (Part 1)/ Xcode 10) PowerPoint presentation controlled with Kinect


<videoflash type="youtube">pQpr3W-YmcQ|320|220</videoflash>

what other technologies did films forecast?

Tracking Motion Detection

  • Tracking Motion Detection#Microsoft® Kinect (previously: Project Natal) for the Xbox gaming console
  • Markerless Human Motion Capture and Motor Action Recognition

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